Saturday, 3 December 2011

occupy London 2011

It is almost Christmas. since October protesters established two encampments in central London: one outside St Paul's Cathedral and the other in Finsbury Square just to the north of the City.
A man Protesting on the stairs of St Paul Church in London .

Alessandro it is the chef in the camp of the occupied square outside saint Paul in London.

Lady protesting for a better standard life. outside St.Paul church.

Pensioners demand a living state pension.

One of the priests is listening tho the assembly in the occupied square of st.Paul. 

A flyer to support a petition against the changing of the right of shelter in abandonedbouildings.
The proposed legislation could change the trespass from a civil to a criminal offence.

A proud father and his son inside the ex UBS building in Sun Street. London.
On 18th November, protesters took over a disused office complex owned by the bank UBS, located in the London borough of Hackney. The site was opened to the public the following day as the Bank of Ideas, and provides free services including a library, seminars and various discussion related events. [6] [30] On 28th November protesters at the Hackney site vowed to contest attempts by lawyers to have them evicted. 

Sun Street, London.
A man covering his face is holding a Peace flag outside the ex UBS building in Sun st.London
One of the beds used by one of the occupants of the UBS building.
The occupants radio station's office.
"You can't evict an idea" says the banner going up the stairs in the occupied building. 
The building is now organised and running.There are several areas for kids and families.
a girl is playng the flute after a meditating session inside the ex UBS building now occupied by protesters.
Signs to be used during assemblies. 
A boy is playing outside the ex UBS building occupied by protesters.  
A girl playing during an assembly. 
Sun Street, the ex UBS buildin it is now been renominated "the bank of ideas"
"why not" banner in one of the rooms used as a cinema.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Naples UpSideDown

Selling stockings in Piazza Carita'


via Marina

Man in st Lucia, Pallonetto.

Selling Bags outside Castle Castel  Nuovo

Kids of a Reform school showing the latest must have..

Capodichino's cemetery 

Via Posillipo


One of the models of a Fashion show in a woman's Penitentiary. Pozzuoli

 Sigaret brake while  Working from home for a bag's factory
Buildings of Fuorigrotta
A stuffed Tiger on a pile of rubbish
View from a window of a restaurant.  Centro Direzionale.

Going up the stairs. Centro Direzionale.

A man. Centro Direzionale.

Windows. Pianura. 

A tourist posing for a picture. Solfatara.

Attempt of beautify. Rione Traiano.
Lunch brake while building a wall on the back of an illegal construction.
Sticker on a Water Pipe of a nunnery. "Jesus the water of happyness"
Via Roma