Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Naples UpSideDown

Selling stockings in Piazza Carita'


via Marina

Man in st Lucia, Pallonetto.

Selling Bags outside Castle Castel  Nuovo

Kids of a Reform school showing the latest must have..

Capodichino's cemetery 

Via Posillipo


One of the models of a Fashion show in a woman's Penitentiary. Pozzuoli

 Sigaret brake while  Working from home for a bag's factory
Buildings of Fuorigrotta
A stuffed Tiger on a pile of rubbish
View from a window of a restaurant.  Centro Direzionale.

Going up the stairs. Centro Direzionale.

A man. Centro Direzionale.

Windows. Pianura. 

A tourist posing for a picture. Solfatara.

Attempt of beautify. Rione Traiano.
Lunch brake while building a wall on the back of an illegal construction.
Sticker on a Water Pipe of a nunnery. "Jesus the water of happyness"
Via Roma