Monday, 12 March 2012

Hidden Identities

"Hidden Identities" (series of pictures made between Romania and bosnia and Herzegovina)started thinking over one aspect of the many consequences of being poor. 
Struggling to survive, the only thing that matters is how to get the basics needs to stay alive..
It is a common believe that In those circumstances an  human being  it is  going to suffer the deprivation of the chance to develop his own identity as an individual. 
I wanted to prove that this was certainly not a fixed data In fact, there is  an evident strong potential in each of the people I portrayed.
What I wanted to portray is the potential to develop their own identities, which  goes with the potential to win the fight against the adverse condition in which they are living.

All those pictures are candid shots made without any preparation,some technical imperfections in some of the frames are the proof of their truthfulness.

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